Avatar Contest (Children) - Winners

Congratulations to all the winners !

Jury Winner (Oyan One)

Kinga L. K (Sweden)

People Choice Winners

1st Prize - Katie Chinwendu (Nigeria)

2nd Prize - George Arthur Riches (U.K.)

3rd Prize - Divyansh Rajpoot (India)

Special Jury Mention

Yomna El Shabrawy (Egypt)

Oylien congratulates the winners and all participants for their submissions and valuable suggestions to improve safety.

Participant's View on Oylien

  • "Oylien could tell people about the importance of safety and peace. He could learn children what global warming is and tell us how we can help stop it. Also, he could tell us about friendship and how to react if we see bullying." - Kine
  • "I believe that olyen should be a reason for incusions or that it should inspire children so that all are accepted as they are without regard to nationality, orientation, origin or religion." - Benjamin
  • "I think Oylien and make this world a better place by standing up against gun violence, war, and poverty." - Miles
  • "Oylien can make this world a safter place by spreading kindness. If everyone could learn how to care for eachother and be kind to one another, people would feel less threatend because everyone would have became kind because of Oylien. Oylien can do this by spreading messages about love!" - Kaedance
  • "I think Oylien could teach children about internet safety to make the world a safer place." - Jovi
  • "Oylien could try to reach out to people and show them that war is not going to solve anything. He could also show kids and adults ways to save Earth and help fix the climate change!." - Ellie
  • "Help people realise and become their better healthier selves." - Tian
  • "He is a alien and he may have powers. He is kids favourite and popular among them so oylien may tell kids to help him in making our world a safer place and definitely kids will help him." - Zohair
  • And lot more...

About Us

‘Oylien – The Alien’ is an epitome of core values and a strong advocate of the relevance of a value based and well-defined safety ecosystem in society. His mission is to set an example and to impart it to all human beings, especially children. His experiments and solutions are very unique, but blended with a social & emotional intelligence which may be very alien to many human beings!
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‘Oyans’ are souls of high value, and guardians of Earth who will be helping Oylien on his missions. A mission to make Earth a better place for humanity.

‘OYLIEN LTD.’ is a private limited company with its registered office in England and Wales. It’s the brainchild of a set of passionate, social entrepreneurs, who envisions to address a wide range of social problems of national interests on a global scale via innovative and creative solutions.

“When you, your surroundings and the world around you is in a state of well-being, that's real safety" - #OylienTheAlien

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