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Oylien connects your enterprise to a safety-net formed of trusted neighborhood-services, safety devices, volunteers & authorities powered with A.I & technology best practices.

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Empowering Schools

Oylien is transforming schools from traditional communication methods to a purpose built, intelligent collaboration platform. We connect staff, partners & parents to interact seamlessly on a variety of critical use cases, applicable to schools.
Why Schools? Schools, teachers & students are the true changemakers of this world. Being a social enterprise, we have designed our products to empower school staff members to contribute their best.
Why collaboration? Oylien's vision is to create a safe & better world for all. Seamless collaboration is one of the core safety pillars for an organization. We enjoy the responsibility to handhold our partners to achieve it.
For product demo & brochure, visit Oylien@School

Who is Oylien?

‘Oylien – The Alien’ is an epitome of core-values and a strong advocate of a value based, well-defined safety ecosystem in our society.

His mission is to set an example and to impart it to all human beings, especially children.

His experiments and solutions are very unique, blended with strong social relevance & latest technological insights.

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Do you know? Oylien's face is designed by a 14 year old artist, Kinga L. K., as part of an international design contest ! More...

About Us

‘OYLIEN LTD.’ is a private limited company with its registered office in England and Wales. It’s the brainchild of a set of passionate, social entrepreneurs, who envisions to address a wide range of social problems on a global scale via innovative and creative solutions.

Our Vision - Empower people to achieve a safe lifestyle

“When you, your surroundings and the world around you is in a state of well-being, that's real safety" - #OylienTheAlien

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